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Alphapro Group has two leading brands in the world of PVC extrusion: Profialis and Alphacan are located in France and carry out their extrusion activities with four production and finishing plants, Alphacan is well-known in Southern Europe due to its Italian subsidiary.



Elegant product solutions and technical advantages

Alphacan SRL offers ranges specially designed for the Italian and European market. Products that synthesize the very strong technicality of the brand combined with the incomparable Italian style.
Alphacan SRL offers relevant solutions for casement windows, sliding windows, roller shutters or other closures.

Alphacan products offer a lot of technical advantages: very strong thermal insulation, excellent sound insulation and a long-lasting and add a touch of typical Italian style: the proposed solutions benefit from a wide color offer, scalable and adapted to the different markets. Alphacan offers then sublime products with a strong identity.

Drive forward resource savings

In a constant effort to preserve resources, AlphaPro Group invests in its own recycling division in order to "close the loop" and ensure itself the recycling of these highly responsible solutions.

Resource preservation can also be held by the performance of the proposed solutions: In’Alpha windows integrates fiberglass reinforcements to avoid the use of steel reinforcement. Combined with the very good thermal performance of windows, this technology further accentuates the fight against the waste of resources.


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