Bildcollage Waste Framework

Regulatory framework

PVC window systems are subject to important regulations such as the Construction Products Regulation, the Waste Framework Directive, the RoHS Directive for certain hazardous substances and the REACH Regulation.


In order to facilitate the alignment of industrial processes with legal regulations EPPA, as a stakeholder, carefully follows the developments of European and national legislation.

RoHS Directive

It implements restriction on hazardous substances in electronic products. Based on a political decision, windows are also judged to be such electronic products. This means that for substances, windows are covered by REACH and by RoHS legislation with non-harmonized legislative requirements. On the product level, windows are subject to the CPR and RoHS.


EPPA calls on the European legislator to remove windows from the scope of the RoHS Directive. Windows are non-electronic products but can only be equipped with them. This electronic equipment has been and should continue to be covered by RoHS. Windows are sufficiently regulated by REACH, CLP and CPR legislation. All requirements from RoHS create legal uncertainty and partially contradict the existing, mentioned legislation.