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The Deceuninck Group is one of the top 2 manufacturers of PVC window systems and building products and is active in 91 countries. Through innovative designs and production processes Deceuninck delivers  sustainable window, door and building solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s customers.


Elegant window profile system – powered by iCOR
iCOR, the world's first building block system for window and door profiles, enables Deceuninck to reduce the levels of complexity significantly, since all the different sashes and frames can be combined with each other. This new development includes three different frame depths – 76, 84 and 115 mm – and five sash designs, which gives fabricators a wide range of combination options.

The 76-mm variant of the Elegant system has an outstanding Uf value of up to 0.93 W/m2K. The unsurpassed slim “Elegant Abstract” design has received many accolades, including the Red Dot Award and the German Design Award. The small rebate of just 9 mm is unique for PVC windows. With its narrow, flush-fitting design, cubic glazing beads and anthracite-coloured window profiles, Elegant Abstract could easily be mistaken for an aluminium window.

Material that has been recycled using state-of-the-art technology is used in the core of the Elegant profiles, which makes the system especially sustainable. Capped with fresh PVC for outdoor applications, the result is a window profile of the highest quality that meets its functional demands.

ThermoFibra glass-fibre technology
The iCOR core allows use of the new ThermoFibra fibre-glass technology. Endless glass fibres lend the windows an enormous degree of stability, making the use of steel reinforcement superfluous. The thermal insulation values are also improved by up to Uf 0.88 W/m2K and, in addition, the weight is reduced considerably.

ThermoFibra has additional benefits for fabricators: Inventories are reduced and, since no steel or corner welding connectors are needed with Elegant Infinity front doors with ThermoFibra, fabrication time is reduced significantly. At the end of their service life, profiles with ThermoFibra can be completely recycled – for example, at the company’s own recycling plant in Diksmuide, Belgium.

Building a sustainable home
The opening of a high-tech recycling plant in Diksmuide in 2018 was the next step towards becoming a circular company. The new recycling line quadrupled the recycling capacity to 45,000 tons of PVC a year. In addition, the automated process converts both postindustrial and post-consumer materials into raw materials of superior quality. The realization of this ambition is combined with a continuous dedication to the long lifespan of the products, which now results in a new line of 100% recycled window and door profiles. This way Deceuninck is prepared for a future in which the use of recycled materials is maximized as a standard.


> Energy calculator
The energy calculator calculates cost and CO2 savings for replacing old window with new window based on kind of house/apartment, size of windows, kind of existing windows and kind of heating system.

> Winspirator Window and Door Configurator
The winspirator tool allows the consumer to choose his house style, configure the matching window and door profiles and send all information and preferences directly to the preferred dealer.

> Specialist company search
With this tool you can find a window manufacturer in your area.

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