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Salamander offers end users a range of window systems for new build and renovation projects, as well as a window configuration app.


Greta® – design windows
Greta® combines the advantages of window profiles with ecological performance. This window is sustainably produced: 100% of the PVC used comes from old windows and production residues and is designed to be 100% recyclable. In addition, Greta® has insulation values at passive house level. The modern, natural texture in concrete look not only corresponds to current architectural trends, but also turns windows into a tangible design object.

greenEvolution – design-oriented, multicompatible modular system
With greenEvolution, Salamander has developed a multi-compatible modular system that allows a high degree of individualisation and offers design and materiality in tangible diversity. With greenEvolution, a large number of window variants can be manufactured – including constructions with stop and centre seals, particularly narrow constructions with a facing width of only 100mm, but also flush constructions.


With the wide range of decors and realmaterial surfaces, all conceivable styles can be realised: From classic purist to strikingly modern.

High security meets energy efficiency and innovative sealing technology: these properties make the profile series a passive house window with a long service life. The slim profiles allow a high incidence of light, offer protection from the weather and thus create cosy living comfort. With a wide range of decor variants, the modern design adapts perfectly to the architectural features of the building.

Surfaces that can be experienced with realMaterial
Salamander offers a variety of colours, materials and design surfaces that can be experienced. These are applied to the profile using the laminating process. Instead of the usual decorative surfaces, Salamander Window & Door Systems now offers surfaces made of real wood veneer, aluminium in a brushed stainless steel look, copper as well as quality leather fibre fabric. Recyclability is guaranteed for all surfaces.

evolutionDrive Plus+ – a new pushing experience
evolutionDrive Plus+ is a new sliding system from Salamander Window & Door Systems that seals in parallel with the frame by means of a stop motion. This results in greater ease of use compared to the parallel sliding tilt door. The system is also more space-saving compared to the classic lift-slide door, as it has a smaller installation depth.


> Salamander myWindow App
The myWindow app queries all important parameters on 3 levels: Climate, Case, Client. Based on the data obtained, you will learn interesting background information, get to know the requirements for the windows and receive customised recommendations for Salamander windows.

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