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aluplast is launching its new system platform neo with extremely slim profile views. With energeto® neo, the company has succeeded in combining timeless design with proven technologies (bonding, powerdur, foam inside, saftec).



energeto® neo enables the customers to build commercial or architectural windows on the basis of one platform. Compatibility was at the forefront of the new development, which is why energeto® neo is just as suitable for large properties as it is for an architect's house. The innovative aluplast technologies guarantee thermal insulation, burglary protection and ease of use at the highest level.

Reducing the CO2 footprint
In its almost 40-year history, aluplast has launched many innovations. First and foremost, the bonding technology or the energeto® system, with which steel can be largely dispensed with thanks to bonding and powerdur technology. The system can thus boast a 15 percent lower CO₂ footprint compared to a conventional, steel-reinforced window.

The window for every home
The energeto® neo platform has a broad spectrum in which aluplast offers a flush variant as well as a recessed variant. The flush, closed variant enables a uniform, self-contained appearance and reduces the window to the essentials. Recessed windows give a façade more depth and spatiality. Nevertheless, due to the slim frame-sash combination, they do not appear too bulky and integrate perfectly into any house shape.

New surfaces: resource-saving alternative
Increasingly, windows are also becoming part of the furnishings and are included in the room planning. Two main trends determine the design: the natural look of wood and the noble aluminium look. aluplast picks up on both trends with the woodec and aludec surfaces. The wooden surface convinces with a deep grain and a pleasant feel - it looks and feels like real wood. The four wood tones from light to dark were inspired by the Scandinavian furnishing style. aludec is characterised by a perfect structure with a sand-matt feel. The surface can hardly be distinguished visually and tangibly from a real powder coating. The colour palette ranges from white to shades of grey and black.

Scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and easy to clean
The new surfaces offer many advantages in addition to their appearance. They are scratch-resistant, resist mechanical stress and are easy to clean - water and mild cleaners are enough.

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