As a European trade association, EPPA‘s activity branches combine industry affairs, political work, and consumer topics.

Representing PVC Window Profile Industry


Profile manufacturers invest in modern, environmentally friendly processing technology, sustainable product designs, and the recycling of old windows. On the one side, it is EPPA's task to support the corresponding legal framework at the European level. This complex and extensive field of law is constantly changing and not always easy to understand. It is EPPA's task to translate the European requirements into concrete requirements for the members.


In this context, EPPA sees itself as a link between the technical and practical experience of the members and the legal reality at the European level. On the other side, EPPA acts as a stakeholder to European projects and consultations to supply the political institutions with the technical know-how they require to understand the PVC window profile industry and to legislate accordingly.

Political Communication

EPPA works with the European institutions to improve and combine environmental protection and the economic competitiveness of the profile industry. The association invests in scientific studies and collects knowledge to help policymakers understand the industry and enable them to make informed decisions. It is EPPA's task to translate the business and technical language of the PVC window profile industry onto the political level in Brussels and Europe.

Consumer Protection

While the PVC profile industry acts typically in a B2B environment, EPPA also supplies consumers with relevant information about the activities of the industry and the products it manufactures. Furthermore, the association concentrates on consumer protection via the support of well-established quality labels like the RAL Gütezeichen (Quality Mark) in Germany or the European VinylPlus® Product Label for sustainable PVC windows.



Information Material & Brochures

Sustainable Development