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Products with a promise of quality: In addition to window systems with different installation depths, VEKA also offers profiles for residential doors and lift-slide doors as well as roller shutter slats and roller shutter boxes for various applications, including designated new construction and renovation solutions. In addition, there is a wide range of connecting and auxiliary profiles for use in renovation.


The VEKA PVC-U profile systems are suitable for new construction and energy-efficient renovation. They comply exclusively with the highest quality level: Class A according to DIN EN 12608. With their extra-strong walls, they score points not only for their outstanding energy-saving properties, but also for their extreme durability, stability and security.

SOFTLINE systems with 82 mm installation depth

The SOFTLINE 82 profile system combines elegant face widths, even with large elements, with optimum economy. The insulation values achieve a Uw value of up to 0.74 W/(m²K) in the centre seal construction. In addition, a rebate seal system is available which, with its two sealing levels, offers excellent wind tightness, best driving rain protection as well as high sound insulation up to sound insulation class 5.


Thanks to its highly insulating properties and high inherent stability, SOFTLINE 82 combines modern architecture with generous glass areas and outstanding energy efficiency - for contemporary new building projects and stylish energy-efficient renovation. With over 50 colour and decor variants and aluminium covers as well as the new VEKA SPECTRAL surface finish, SOFTLINE 82 also offers a wide range of design options in the increasingly important colour segment.

SOFTLINE systems with 76 mm installation depth

SOFTLINE 76 is a modern profile system that reliably meets the diverse requirements of high-performance windows. The profile system easily accommodates glazing up to 48 mm thickness: In addition to modern triple glazing for contemporary insulation values, special functional glazing for extended sound and burglary protection can thus also be used without any problems.


Even large glass surfaces can be realised with the slim and at the same time economical system. In the centre seal version, the system convinces with excellent thermal insulation with values up to Uw = 0.76 W/(m²K). Three sealing levels protect against noise, cold, moisture and draughts. SOFTLINE 76 AD with two sealing levels offers insulation values of up to Uw = 0.81 W/(m²K). Both versions offer a wide range of design options, also in terms of colour.


This system enables elegant PVC-U windows with a filigree, almost frameless all-glass look. It is characterised by a frame that conceals the window sash behind it when viewed from the outside. This special construction enables excellent thermal insulation values of up to Uw = 0.73 W/(m²K) as well as a puristic design. An individual colour scheme is possible using high-quality aluminium covers - in the entire RAL colour palette.

This multi-functional system with slightly rounded edges and particularly narrow face widths is a modern further development of the box-type window principle that offers plenty of space for smart home functions. Three sealing levels ensure ideal insulation values to reduce heating costs and external noise. Homogeneous surfaces and flush glazing beads make it particularly easy to maintain.

Accessibility and glass surfaces in vogue
Among other things, lift-and-slide doors with large glass surfaces are in vogue. With its slim constructions and narrow face widths, the VEKA system VEKAMOTION 82 brings a lot of light into living spaces. The flat threshold minimises height differences and thus avoids tripping hazards. This allows barrier-free access to the garden or balcony. The VEKA lift-and-slide doors can be opened with a flick of the hand and are a space-saving solution for generous room concepts. Thanks to the highly heat-insulating profiles and the duo thermally separated floor threshold, excellent thermal insulation is guaranteed.

Country-specific solutions
VEKA offers a whole range of country-specific solutions that can be used for both new construction and renovation. These are systems for the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, France and Italy. These are mainly special frame profiles that are placed on old wooden window frames. In Italy, special solutions are also offered for the roller shutter box in renovation, as well as special shading solutions in the form of folding and pivoting shutters as well as louvre shutters and the Italian Scuro.


> Window planner app
This is all about helping builders visualise their own projects. With the app, you can run through the entire colour palette on a window and thus get a first impression. In addition, there is the option of either replacing the windows on existing buildings or uploading your own image and inserting the desired windows there. The app also calculates the possible cost savings by replacing old windows with modern PVC-U windows (iPad only).

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