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The GEALAN group is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC profiles for windows and doors in Europe. GEALAN profiles are developed, produced and distributed in-house. They are the basis for making windows, doors and modern sliding solutions strikingly beautiful, exceptionally stable and particularly secure, and for equipping them with top thermal insulation values. With innovative window systems and first-class surfaces, GEALAN sets trends and forms the framework for the world of windows.


Natural daylight enters the house through windows and doors. GEALAN has various systems ready to bring more light into the house.


What distinguishes the new GEALAN-LINEAR® profile system is also apparent at first glance: The construction depth is small (74mm), the views are always narrow, whether from the outside or the inside. This design has function: GEALAN-LINEAR® recedes and thus enlarges the glass surface of each window to a maximum. It brings more light into the interior. And combines this with a wide range of planning possibilities: Daylight is essential for our well-being, and intelligent lighting is a central component of good architecture.

The narrow face widths of the sashes fulfil the desire for reduced views with plenty of light in the room at the same time. The low basic depth of 74mm facilitates the use in renovation, as narrower basic depths of approx. 60 mm are usually replaced. Nevertheless, high-quality triple glazing with Uf up to 0.5 W/m²K can be used. At the same time, the angular profiles correspond visually to many wooden windows that are to be replaced.


Even more light enters the interior through large sliding elements: with the lift-slide door S 9000 from GEALAN, for example. Sliding elements are a classic style element of modern living, where generously designed glass surfaces convey comfort and elegance. The lift-slide door S 9000 from GEALAN more than meets these requirements, both visually and functionally. With this technology, large door elements can be moved with ease. Whether the door is open or closed is irrelevant. Either way, plenty of light streams into the interior of the room. And the almost threshold-free floor connection additionally removes the separation between inside and outside.


The modern S 9000 system has been expanded with a new casement and a matching monostable solution, which, with its deliberately narrow casement face widths, is ideally suited for the construction of listed building facades. The requirements of listed building protection, such as narrow face widths of the sash and the forend, no visible lower drainage slots, high-quality surfaces can be optimally fulfilled with the S 9000. Even historical weatherboards can be recreated: This makes GEALAN LUMAXX perfect for stylish renovations.

Solutions for different eras

  • For the Wilhelminian period, GEALAN has special decorative mouldings in its programme that give the current GEALAN systems an antique look, thus taking into account the issue of historic preservation.

  • There are special pivot window profiles for the 1960s, which were very popular at that time.

  • Beginning with the 1980s, GEALAN has current systems in its programme that range from classic slanted profile outer edges to right-angled profile geometries.


> Energy savings calculator
Save money when replacing your windows – and calculate how much with just a few clicks: the GEALAN energy savings calculator shows in an uncomplicated way how much you can save when your old windows are replaced with GEALAN solutions. Simply define your house, flat or office, indicate which windows have been installed up to now, select the appropriate GEALAN system for your new windows – and you'll get a detailed breakdown of the heating costs you can save in the future.

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