Factsheet on the use of TiO2 in PVC-U profile systems online

In October 2019 the European Commission moved forward with its proposal to classify TiO2 as carcinogen (category 2) by inhalation, although multiple Member States were against such a classification. They had the opportunity to raise objections in the Council likewise as the European Parliament. None of the two made use of this right (due to insufficient internal majorities) leading to the final adoption of the decision by the end of Q1/2020.

EPPA has prepared a factsheet on the requirements and effects of this classification for the PVC window profile industry.

It can be found here (English version) | German version

Picture: Crystal structure of rutile (titanium(IV) oxide, TiO2). Crystallographic data: https://dx.doi.org/10.1107/S0365110X56001388 | Solid State | CC BY-SA 3.0