The Ukraine War and its impacts on the European PVC Window Market

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shaped our discussions and thoughts in recent weeks. Both countries also play a role in the European supply chain for window systems. Several EPPA member companies have Ukrainian and Russian production facilities whose operations have been affected since the war began. "Our members have made great efforts to protect and support their employees and other affected people on the ground," says EPPA President Patrick Seitz.

In line with the statements of the EU Commission, the profile industry has long considered Ukraine to be part of Europe. Accordingly, Ukrainian production facilities are fully integrated into the European supply chain of PVC window system suppliers.

”This allows companies in this difficult situation to use their existing logistics, network and material to actively support the people in Ukraine directly with necessary goods and shelter," says Carsten Heuer, EPPA Vice President.

Trade between the EU and Russia has largely ceased, which also has a negative impact on member companies’ production sites and supply chains. The global community's sanctions against Russia are exacerbating this effect.

"Beyond the immediately visible, devastating effects of the war, we can expect negative consequences for the (PVC) window market as a whole in the medium and longer term," the EPPA Presidents agree. The pressure on material supplies is expected to further increase – especially due to rising energy prices, which in turn affect production costs. Supplies of raw materials and commodities are already been severely negatively affected. The pressure on the industry as a whole is thus intensified once again after the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have already caused price increases and supply bottlenecks.

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