Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2022: register now

The VSF2022 will be held virtually as a single day event on 25 May and will bring together sustainability experts and speakers from academia and the industry.

Focused on the theme Embracing EU Green Deal Ambitions, the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2022 will feature keynote speeches, presentations and interactive Q&A sessions that you will be able to participate in from anywhere in the world.

Main topics at #VSF2022:

  • VinylPlus General Assembly: key highlights and current policies impacting the PVC business

  • Towards 2030: Embracing the European Green Deal ambitions

  • Addressing the upcoming European initiatives on plastics

  • Driving innovation towards carbon neutrality

  • Preparing for the EU energy transition

  • Accelerating circularity: Enabling new recycling schemes

  • The VinylPlus® Product Label: Rewarding and Recognising Sustainability

Virtual VSF2022 will be free of charge! Online registration is required.

More information and registration on: