EPPA calls on raw material manufacturers to lift force majeure-related shutdowns

Brussels, 30 March 2021: EPPA member companies are very concerned about the wave of force majeure statements from European raw material suppliers, which has not been seen since 2015.

Massive supply chain problems on PVC resin put PVC window system suppliers under pressure. These are consequences of the global pandemic that heavily impacts logistics combined with multiple force majeures that have been declared by resin producers in the past weeks. As a main consumer of PVC resin in the European market, PVC window system suppliers suffer from increasing shortages of material paired with price surges, both impacting their production.

At the same time the demand for construction products such as windows has been increasing in the past months. The shortage of raw materials, additives and related goods is generating unacceptable supply bottlenecks and worsening the overall difficult economic situation caused by the pandemic. If demand for PVC resin cannot be met, PVC profile producers cannot continue to produce as planned. The situation is further burdened by the lack of imports in particular from the USA as well as from Middle and Far Eastern Countries.

If the current situation persists, the effects will also be felt further down in the supply chain and materialize on the European market for PVC windows. As first adverse effects can already be seen EPPA calls on raw material manufacturers to do everything possible to lift force majeure-related shutdowns as quickly as possible.

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