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"Modernization with PVC windows": New European renovation brochure and microsite are available

As part of their Europe-wide campaign "Modernization with PVC windows", EPPA, the Quality Association for Plastic Products (QKE) and the RAL Quality Association for PVC Window Profile Systems (GKFP) are publishing a renovation brochure in five languages and the accompanying microsite. The brochure and the website are now available online.

The three associations are thus offering an objective information campaign on the subject of modernization and renovation with new PVC windows. It is intended to appeal to both planners and window manufacturers, but above all to end consumers such as private building owners. The 20-page brochure is supplemented with regularly updated information on the newly created microsite

What added value does modernization with PVC windows offer?

In the new brochure, readers learn about the five added values that modernization projects with new PVC windows offer:

  • 01_More sustainability in everyday life

  • 02_Energy savings

  • 03_Modern design variety

  • 04_Europe-wide funding opportunities

  • 05_Individual product solutions and services

The brochure is published in five languages: German, English, French, Italian and Polish.

Please read the full press release here: DE | EN | FR | PL

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