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For many years, EPPA has been actively involved in the European standardization work of CEN (European Committee for Standardization) for the construction product PVC windows and coordinates national standardization activities. In this way, experience and knowledge can be exchanged at an early stage and transferred to the European level.

Below you can find an overview of EPPA's current standardization activities:

  • Covers the entire life cycle of windows and describes the production phase, how the recycling of old windows and the re-introduction of the material in the next life cycle must be monitored and controlled.

  • Focuses on the processing stages of the material when it arrives to the recycler, when it leaves the recycling plant and when it reaches the extrusion plant.

  • The work package was launched in WG 11 of CEN/TC 249 on the subject of recycling. It takes up the recommendations of the EPPA hybrid study* and is intended to serve as a reference tool for the entire value chain.

  • EPPA promotes the standard in the current discussions within the Circular Plastics Alliance. It is considered a model for a complete description of the entire life cycle of a product.

*The hybrid study was intended to clarify whether hybrid materials are also recyclable. The results give clear recommendations how recyclability of the End-of-Life windows can be secured via taking the corresponding steps in the design phase.


EPPA is committed to harmonize material definitions for the profile industry in an independent standard. It should be possible for the experts in TC 249/WG 21 to edit this standard at a central location i.e. commitee. The draft version will be submitted to CEN in Q2/2020 as a preliminary work task.


As the liaison organization to CEN TC 33 "Windows and Doors", EPPA can contribute to the development of the harmonized product standard EN 14351-1, which is of great importance for the window industry. Furthermore, it can more easily participate in the political discussions concerning the revision of the standardization application and possibly the Construction Products Regulation as a whole.

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